MultiValue Training

U2 Basic - Beginner


Session 1 - Basics on BASIC

Explain some of the features of the programming language

Session 2 - The U2 Environment

Get familiar with the dictionary and datafile relationship

Session 3 - Creating and Running Programs

Understand the structure of BASIC programs

Session 4 - Expressions and Assignment Statements

Learning types of expressions and variable assignment

Session 5 - Input Evaluations

Handling communication between the screen and the user

Session 6 - Program Control Constructs and Intrinsic Functions

Managing internal and external branching for efficiency

Session 7 - Accessing Data, Functions, and Sequential or Text Files

Reading and writing date

Session 8 - External Execution and List Processing

Use command line statements within a program

Session 9 - Debugging and Troubleshooting

Fix and enhance application programs

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